When a parent got in touch with me the other day and inquired about family pricing, I was pleasantly surprised.  The question nudged me to reflect on the good times I had growing up with clog dancing siblings.

Not every sibling in my family took up clogging.  But, those of us who did enjoyed dancing together. Over the years, we choreographed routines together and danced at family reunions.  These days, we video chat to share clogging steps and tricks.  It’s been a gift in my life to be able share clogging with my family; two things I love so much!

As a dance form, clogging lends itself to participation by all ages (boys, girls, parents, and grandparents).  It’s not unusual to see a whole family of clog dancers enjoying the experience together.  And, when shared with those you love, the inherent joy that is in clogging permeates the experience and enhances the relationships.

The family that clog dances together is in for a lifetime of joy together!

To celebrate the family who clog dances together, Silver Creek Clogging is now offering our family recognition program:

  • For immediate family members living in the same household: When the first family member enrolls, each additional family member enrolled will be recognized with a discount of $5 per month. 
  • Click here to contact me directly with any questions or for more information about the program.  

Clogging continues to flow as a constant joy in my life, both individually and in the culture of my family.  That is my sincere hope for our dancers too.

Here’s to a lifetime of joyful clog dancing adventures for you and your family!

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