Discover Clogging

1-Hour Introductory Clogging Workshop

In this introductory workshop, your energetic child will discover the joy of clogging.

Your child is sure to be grinning ear to ear as they move their body and toes to the happy rhythms of clogging.

In this 1-hour dance workshop, your child will learn introductory clogging steps, dance to lively music, learn a short dance routine, and leave with a certificate of completion and a whole lot of smiles.

The joyful energy of the day is sure to be radiating through their tapping toes and smiling face long after class is over.

Special clogging shoes are not required for this workshop.

Advanced registration is required and spots are limited, so enroll now to ensure your child’s spot is secured. 

Now is the perfect opportunity for your child to discover the joy of clogging.

  • There is absolutely nothing we would change about your clogging class. It has been such a positive experience!!!

    Sara A SCC Parent
  • I have loved clogging so much!  I have finally found a dance that is for me.

    Gaby R SCC Student
  • My daughter enjoyed being able to dance to current music. I think that made it fun for her, too, that she knew the music and enjoyed dancing to it.

    Sarah R SCC Parent
  • You are an amazing teacher and we are floored in how much they have learned in a short period.

    Sara A SCC Parent
  • I love how clogging brings me so much happiness and energy!

    Gwen A SCC Student
  • I look forward to learning new steps, challenging myself to do better, and working toward my goals.

    Gwen A SCC Student
  • We had a great year with clogging! All of us (my husband and daughter’s grandparents included) loved the way you planned and executed the recital. It was so enjoyable and so much more fun, seriously, than any other dance recital we had ever experienced.

    Sarah R SCC Parent
  • I love the joy of clogging and then performing it!

    Gwen A SCC Student
  • We were super satisfied with the whole experience. We love you as a teacher, our daughter enjoyed her classmates and the experience, and we are happy she is so excited to continue.

    Sarah R SCC Parent
  • You are always positive and encouraging! Great qualities for a teacher. You work them hard and have expectation that they try their hardest and are focused in class. We also love that you pick fun music that the kids like too.

    Sara A SCC Parent
  • We appreciate how much you enjoy our girls - your activities in class, your little notes to the girls, and the little gifts and celebrations are really fun. You're so thoughtful!

    Sarah R SCC Parent
  • Communication with the parents has been great and much appreciated! We wouldn't really want anything to change. It's been perfect and our daughter adores you.

    Sara A SCC Parent
  • My daughter really enjoyed clogging; I enjoyed that she was having fun while at the same time being active and learning rhythm and all the other things that go along with dance.

    Sarah R SCC Parent
  • I think you, as an instructor, are fantastic!  You make the lessons fun and enjoyable. Woohoo!

    Jan B SCC Student

Spots are capped in each workshop, so enroll now to ensure a space for your child

Advanced Registration is Required

Registration closes 24 hours in advance of each workshop

Youth, Ages 5 – 7:

$10 / Student

Saturday, January 9, 2021 @ 11:30 am

Youth, Ages 8 – 12:

$10 / Student

Saturday, January 9, 2021 @ 1:30 pm

Adults & Teens:

$10 / Student

Saturday, January 9, 2021 @ 9:30 am

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