Silver Creek Clogging FAQs

We’ve set aside this space to provide you with answers to some of our most frequently asked questions.

Where are Silver Creek Clogging classes held?

Silver Creek Clogging holds classes at the Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center, at 503 N 2nd Street in Silverton Oregon.

Information about our programs can be found here.

Who can participate in clogging?

Clogging is a great activity for boys and girls of all ages. Our specialty is dance classes for kids, ages 5 and older.  In addition, we offer classes for adult students (kids at heart) – both men and women.

Click here for information about our programs.

What is the Inclusive pricing structure?

We have calculated the cost of most everything your dancer will need throughout the dance year and bundled it into equal monthly installment payments.

Each month you pay the same price.

There are no extra costume deposits or registration fees.  Our convenient inclusion based payment structure makes it super easy to budget.

Some optional events/activities will require additional costs/fees in order for a dancer to participate.  We’ll let you know as those opportunities are available.

Tuition does not include clogging shoes or class attire.

How do I register my student for classes?

Silver Creek Clogging operates on a 12-month, year-round basis and we provide three open enrollment periods per year.  

In addition, we occasionally offer special workshops or other programs throughout the year.

For information about our programs, click here.

Sign up for classes here.

How do I pay my student’s tuition?

Tuition is paid through our on-line members only student portal.

Monthly payments are accepted only through recurring automatic credit card or ACH. 

Tuition is charged in equal monthly payments, with the first payment charged at registration and remaining payments charged on the first of each month following the first class.

Where do I get clogging shoes?

Participation in class at Silver Creek Clogging requires white oxford style lace up shoes with buck clogging taps installed.  Clogging shoes can be purchased from Silver Creek Clogging.

For beginning students, we sometimes have used shoes available for rent at the studio. Contact us for info on current sizes available.

Intermediate level cloggers, and above, are required to purchase white oxford style lace up split-soled clogging shoes.

Silver Creek Clogging students can order split-soled shoes for pick up at the studio by clicking here.

For shoes without taps installed, the studio carries glue-on buck taps for purchase.

Clogging shoes make a wonderful noise that is an essential part of the experience of clogging, so be sure to plan ahead to ensure your student secures shoes by the second day of class.

Note that shoe and tap orders can sometimes be delayed during high demand timeframes.

How much do costumes cost?

Fees for recital costuming and our studio t-shirt (which will be work during community performances) are included as part of our inclusion based tuition.  We provide our studio families with a budget friendly year!

What opportunities are there for dancers to perform?

At Silver Creek Clogging, we perform!

Performing is essential to a student’s growth both as a dancer and for their self confidence.

Each year we hold two recitals and we participate in competition.

In addition, there are several opportunities for each student to perform in our community during the year. As these community performance opportunities are available, we will announce them via the members only student portal, via email, and in class.

We love to perform!

What should students wear/bring to class?

Students should wear comfortable clothing that allows them to move freely and comfortably during this extremely active and energetic form of dance.

Jeans and denim pants/shorts are not allowed in class.

Students are encouraged to bring water in a spill-proof bottle and should always bring their clogging shoes and socks.

Of course, smiles and happy energy are always welcomed too!

What is your attendance policy?

Student development and progression requires regular class attendance and practice outside of class. 

Students should arrive at least 5 minutes before class to put on their clogging shoes and be prepared to begin dancing at the start of the class period. Parents should pick up their children promptly at the end of class.

Students are expected to attend classes as scheduled and complete assigned practice outside of class. Students who miss classes and/or who do not practice outside of class should not be expected to progress at a steady pace.

If a student must be be absent, please let us know via chat through our members only student portal no later than one hour in advance of the scheduled class period.

No credit will be given if a student misses classes.

Although we briefly review and/or troubleshoot material taught during previous class periods, we do not use regular class time to reteach material in detail for students who have missed a class period.  If a student misses class, it is his or her responsibility to learn any material taught during the absence.

Students who miss a class period should plan to review missed assignments via the members only student portal, get together with their classmates, and/or schedule a private lesson with the instructor to make up any missed material.

There are no refunds or credits for missed class periods.

What is your inclement weather policy?

Current students will be informed via chat through our members only student portal, with regards to emergency and/or weather related closures.

Should Silver Creek Clogging find it necessary to cancel a class period, every effort will be made to schedule a make-up class.  If a make up class cannot be scheduled, tuition is not refundable and students can review class materials and assignments through our members only student portal.  

How can I contact the instructor?

Current students can contact their instructor through our members only student portal.

Not yet a member?  Use our Contact Form to get in touch with us and we’ll respond as soon as possible.

What is your policy about parent observation days?

We value student growth, happiness, and progression, at Silver Creek Clogging, and we have found that students are more productive, happy, able to focus and progress, and less distracted when parents/guardians do not remain in studio during classes.

Therefore, parents will not remain in studio during the class period.

We encourage parents to arrive 10 minutes prior to the end of the class period, during which time they can observe their student in action!

Parents who remain in the studio outside of the last 10 minutes of the class period and/or interact with students during any portion of the class period, without the express invitation of the instructor, will be excused from observation and students may be dismissed from class.

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