“I have enjoyed clogging so much!  I have finally found a dance that is for me.”

At Silver Creek Clogging, our dance classes are different from the others… so, if you want an experience that’s anything but boring, you’re in the right place.

Here, you get to express the lively energy inside you through this captivating, energetic dance that builds self-confidence, strengthens focus, and develops coordination.  You will find that clogging is a comfort, a stress-releaser, and a wonderful way to “let it all out.”

From the time you first step onto the dance floor clogging will bring you joy, get into your soul, and never let go; then you will be a clogger for life.

Clogging is awesome!

All classes are taught by Chief Clogger, Ruth Mattox, in Silverton, Oregon. Ruth’s strong desire is to share her passion for clogging and help others experience their own soulful connection with clogging.

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See you in class!