Our Philosophy…

…the deep down joy you feel when you are on the dance floor is the heart of it all.

…when you are a member of a strong and supportive community you can accomplish great things.

…magic happens when you dare to dream of more than you might think possible.

…confidence, ability and self-assurance abound when you challenge yourself to achieve your goals.

…you deserve the ability to grow in an empowering environment, with quality dance instruction to the highest skill levels.

Dance Classes that Make Kids Happy

At Silver Creek Clogging, joy is the common thread that runs through everything we do.  That’s why our students tell us that clogging makes them happy.

From the time you first step onto the dance floor clogging will bring you joy, get into your soul, and never let go; then you will be a clogger for life.

Here, you get to express the lively energy inside you through this captivating, energetic dance that builds self-confidence, strengthens focus, and develops coordination.  You will find that clogging is a comfort, a stress-releaser, and a wonderful way to “let it all out.”  You will find that clogging makes you happy.

At Silver Creek Clogging, we are passionate about sharing the joy of clogging with kids of all ages and helping others experience their own soulful connection with clogging.

  • I have loved clogging so much!  I have finally found a dance that is for me.

    Gaby R SCC Student

Are you ready to get started on your clog dancing journey?