2022 Winter Showcase Student Information

Summer Kick-Off Recital

Saturday, June 4th, 2022

This page includes excerpts from the student information packet sent home with students in May. 

Ask your instructor about anything / everything recital related no later than Friday, June 3rd at 5:00pm.

Studio staff will not be monitoring communication channels the day of the event.

Last minute requests cannot be accommodated.


Saturday, June 4th

Salem’s Historic Grand Theatre
187 High St NE, Salem OR 97301
On-street parking available


9:00am – refer to recital packet for information specific to your student’s arrival time
Individual & Group Portraits
Dress Rehearsal
Break for Lunch – on your own
Dancers Return to Theater
Doors Open – Audience Members Begin Arriving
Performance Begins

Recital Program

The recital program is hosted on-line.

To view the program, audience members can access it here.

You can copy and paste the below link to share the on-line program with friends and family:


In addition, there will QR code available at the venue for audience members to scan if they want to refer to the program during the performance.

Costuming Information

Refer to recital information packet sent home with students in May – for all information related to costuming required the day of the event.

Students should arrive at the theatre dressed in the appropriate costume (as indicated in their recital packet). 

All other costume pieces should be organized in the student’s garment bag.  It is recommended that garment bags be tagged with the student’s name.


Coupon Codes:

ON MAY 16TH, students were sent a coupon code – good for up to 2 complimentary tickets per enrolled student – from Dance Recital Ticketing (our ticket vendor for the show)

Please check spam/junk if you haven’t received your coupon code.

Tickets can be ordered on-line at: https://27770.danceticketing.com

Tickets, including complimentary tickets, are made available on a first come, first served basis. Order early, so you don’t miss out on getting tickets.

Coupon codes expire when on-line sales close Friday, June 3rd.

preparing for success

  • Gather together / organize all costume pieces and accessories in advance
    • Locate studio t-shirt and put it together with costume pieces and accessories
  • Ask your instructor about anything / everything recital related no later than Friday, June 3rd
    • Staff will not be monitoring communication channels the day of the event, so be sure you are prepared well in advance of the big day
    • Last minute requests cannot be accommodated
  • Six days per week, between now and recital – practice all routines 1x per day
    • One day per week, take a day off from practice
  • Ask family / friends to be your “practice” audience – once per week
    • It can help to practice dancing in front of people and getting the “jitters” out
  • Remember – you have put in the effort and worked hard to prepare. Recital is your chance to shine and celebrate YOU!

A preparatory note from your director

On the surface, performances are an opportunity for each dancer to demonstrate what they have learned during months of dance classes, hard work and practice. But, deep down, dance recitals are more more than just a time to shine on stage.

Because dance can be so personal and soulful, performances can be both very exciting and a bit frightening at the same time. It takes a certain kind of preparation, and specifically courage, to perform in front of others. Throughout a dancer’s journey, performances will bring both successes and disappointments. Every performance is a learning experience.

While preparing for and participating in performances, each dancer grows individually and along with members of their team. Dancers grow not only their own love for dance – they grow in team work, technical ability, performance presence, and the ability to work under pressure. The individual and team growth that can be realized through performing can be quite powerful. Lifelong friendships and memories are made.

As you look ahead at the chance to dance on stage in front of family and friends, remember that this experience can be a time full of excitement and anticipation. The exhilaration of being in the theater with costumes, fanfare, and backstage fun is a wonderful feeling that leaves you looking forward to the next time.

Practice makes perfect and performing isn’t any different. The more a dancer performs, the more comfortable they will be when performing in front of a group of friends or strangers. The confidence gained through performing will affect other areas of a dancer’s life. Sometimes, in ways they won’t immediately realize.

In the end, performing is an experience that completes the dancer’s understanding of their art and of their self.

This is an amazing opportunity for our studio community of parents, families, and friends to come together with one common goal; to show collective support and pride for our dancers.