Episode 34: Week of March 29, 2021

Audio Transcript

Hey, everyone. It’s Ruth. I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging dance and movement center in Silverton, Oregon. It’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of March 29th.

I’m so excited to see everyone back in the studio this week. Yeah!

I hope you enjoyed a lovely spring break and now I’m ready to see you all again, hear your spring break stories again, well… again… hear your spring break stories and dance, dance, dance with you.

It’s gonna be awesome to get back together. I missed you guys last week.

I have a couple of announcements coming up for this week.

First of all, just a quick reminder again for our competitors; please plan on competing in Nationals competition, which is May 14th and 15th. It’s coming right up.

We’ll have the sign-up forms going home with students, our competitors, this week. So, look for those to go home with your students.

Also, we’ve heard an update from America OnStage about scheduling and it sounds like they are planning on studio blocks, to avoid crowds. So, we don’t know yet if our studio block will be on the 14th or the 15th, but just plan on that. We’ll just have the studio block.

All of the other information is in your email and, of course, when we send out/send home the sign up forms this week, we will talk over everything with your dancers in class.

So, yeah, of course, please let me know if you have questions. I know a couple of you had reached out to me over spring break. I hope that we got your questions answered. If not, or if you have other questions, please let me know. Text to the studio phone or email and we will be in touch, okay?

We are gonna have a super fun thing this week, up through the end of next week. We’re gonna have a studio choreography challenge.

So, everyone in the studio is invited. It’s purely voluntary. You don’t have to do it if you don’t want to, but you are invited to come up with your own unique choreography of 8 to 16 counts of steps.

You can do it in any skill level so, if you’re in the champ class you don’t have to do a champ choreography. You could do something different, advanced or even novice. So, it doesn’t really matter the skill level. You could even try to do something a little more challenging. But, what we’re going to do is, if you want to enter; you’ll do your choreography, you’ll videotape yourself dancing your choreography, and you will send it to your instructor via the TeacherZone chat no later than Friday, April 9th.

So, you have this week and you have next week to come up with your choreography and submit it. And, the winning choreography is going to have their submission featured in this year’s all studio routine, okay? Yeah. So, get your wheels rolling. We’ll talk it over in class. You can bounce your ideas off of your instructor, if you would like. But, it does need to be your very own choreography. Don’t take something from some dance that you’ve learned and just kind of put it in there, because that’s not gonna fly. All right?

So, I want you guys to get your choreography wheels churning. Yeah. Should be fun.

So, we have an update on our instructor certification course. And, the update is that we’re going to delay the rollout of that certification course. And, here’s a little bit about why we’re doing that and what you can expect.

So, one of the goals that we have, as a studio, is to provide our students with the skills to succeed; not just in clogging, but in other areas of their lives as well.

We want our students to be able to excel both on and off the dance floor. So, we have been working, working, working towards that goal.

And, one of the things we’ve done is we begin to integrate some of those kind of soft skills into some of our classes. Things like leadership and teamwork, we’ve been talking about in classes and we’re working to formalize those things.

So, we’ve always, of course, we have our clogging skills and techniques. That’s always been part of that; we have a formal path of progression for that part of our curriculum. But, we’re currently working to integrate, to revamp all of our programs so we can integrate, some of those non-clogging skills formally into that path of progression for our students.

So, while we’re doing that, we want to make sure that that instructor certification is unified as part of that comprehensive curriculum; that comprehensive student path of progression.

So, that’s why we’re going to delay the rollout, because we don’t want to just piecemeal this. We want to make sure that students know what they’re looking ahead towards, what they’re working towards, what they can achieve, and try to minimize just popping this out here and there. Okay?

So, it’s going to take just a few months to just, to get that all cohesive.

But, don’t worry. We will have opportunities for students to learn and grow as instructors in the studio. We want that, we need that. We want to groom our own instructors to be the excellent instructors that our students deserve and part of that is teaching our instructors how to incorporate some of these soft skills into their teaching. So, that’s what we’re doing.

Don’t worry, it will come. It’s just going to be a few months down the road while we finalize these changes. We’re making some, kind of, overhauls to our program. 

So let me know if you have any questions and we will be rolling out our new program/curriculum/path of student progression very soon.

Because, our students’ growth is super, super important to us and not just… we’re wanting to produce more than just great cloggers. Because, you know, not all of us are going to be professional clog dancers; but, we are going to be professionals, at some level, in the world. We are going to be… all of us have to figure out how to excel in life.

So, those are the kinds of things we’re working to formally integrate across our curriculum (from the novice all the way up to the pro level).

So, not just the clogging skills, but people/life/world soft skills, I guess you could say.

So that’s that. Please, again, let me know if you have questions.

And, next… student arrival at class. It’s starting to become a little bit of an issue, with students who are late to class. So, I just want to remind you guys that, right now with our covid protocols that are in place (with the check-in procedures), we just can’t have students being late to class. We have to have time to do the temperature checks, you know, ask the questions, get people in, get their shoes on, so that we can start class on time. And, per our COVID protocols, if a student is late, they may not be able to come to class.

So, just make sure that you are here, at the studio, at least five minutes ahead of your scheduled class time, so that you can do the check-in procedures and so that you can get your clogging shoes on and just be ready to get going at your class’s scheduled time.

We’ve been a little bit lax about that, here in the studio because, you know we’ve been bouncing back and forth in studio, out of studio, in studio, out of studio, and school’s been a little bit, you know, up and down. But, at this point, I think we’re all kind of… it’s time.

It’s time to get back to making sure that we are on time for class. So, just do that and just know that, per the COVID protocols of the studio, if you’re late you might not be able to be in the studio. We might have to, we might not be able to take… the instructors may not be able to abandon the rest of the students that are in class to come check you in, if you are late. So, heads up on that.

What’s coming up on the studio calendar? Coming up. Events.

This Friday is open studio. Yeah! 6:30 to 8:00. We do need RSVP’s. If you would like to come, you just need to let us know by Friday and… or sorry, by Thursday, the end of the day Thursday. And, yeah, attendance is limited to the first six students who RSVP, so the sooner you RSVP, the more likely it is that you’re going to be able to join in on open studio.

Next week, the week of April 5th, our student choreography challenge videos are due and they’re due by Friday, April 9th.

Then, the following week after that, the week of April 12th, it’s crazy sock week. We’re going to just wear crazy socks and dance around in our crazy socks. It should be fun.

Then, May 7th, first Friday in May, again, it’s first Friday open studio and we’ll just, you know, RSVP if you’re going to come, the week of open studio.

And, in May, May 14th and 15th, is Nationals competition; we’ve gone over that.

The week of May 17th, we’re going to have studio t-shirts, wear our studio t-shirts, and crazy hair. I want to see what you come up with for crazy hair.

And, then, the very last Saturday in May, May 29th, is our all-studio dress rehearsal and summer kickoff recital, at the Historic Grand Theatre in Salem.

And, the week after recital we’re going to have a little bit of a celebration. And, that celebration is different than what we have been doing post-recital, but it’s a little bit of a surprise, so just know that the week after recital we are going to celebrate.

And then, the following well… then that week, that week of May 31st, we have open studio on that Friday, June 4th.

And, the very, very next week after that, guess what starts happening… We start learning our clog down showdown routine. Yahoo! I’m… this is the part I always love; the clog down showdown routine.

So, keep those dates on your calendars.

That’s what’s coming up and that’s it for the week.

I’m excited to see you guys. I missed you last week. I kind of was a little discombobulated last week without you. So, I’m excited to see everyone back in the studio this week.

And, remember, you’re awesome and happy dancing.

Episode 33: Week of March 23rd, 2021

Audio Transcript

Hi everyone.

This week is spring break and we don’t have any regular classes in the studio. I am wishing you all a so super happy, so super relaxed and even, hopefully, so super sunny, spring break.

Of course, I will miss everyone in the studio. But, I’m looking forward to seeing you next week and hearing about all of your spring break stories.

A couple of quick updates: even though we don’t have classes this week, I do want to keep a couple of things on your mind.

One, for all of our competitors, please keep planning for Nationals competition in Salt Lake City, May 14th and 15th. As of now, from what I can see on the competition website, we should be planning to have competitors participating on both those days; both the 14th and the 15th. However; we are in process of trying to find out whether they know, for sure yet, if studio blocks will be implemented for the schedule or what the plan is for sure. So, for now just plan on dancing both days and as soon as we know the schedule, of course, we will let you know.

I have sent a big… lots of information in your weekly email about competition entry fees, Lagoon Amusement Park passes (if you’re going to want to ride any of the rides while we’re there), should be really fun.

So, please check your email, follow the links in that email, to get all of the information right off of the America OnStage website, okay?

I also want you to keep on your calendars our spring kickoff recital, which is scheduled for the last Saturday in May; that is the weekend of Memorial Day weekend, Saturday, May 29th. So, please, please, please, please keep that on your calendars. Because, that is what we’re planning on.

I just don’t want you to lose track of those things that are just going to come super speedy right up, as we head further on into spring.

Also, please keep the following events on your calendars:

April 2nd, of course, it’s first Friday open studio and we’ll be collecting RSVPs for that next week, when we get back into the studio. That’s actually next Friday.

And then, the week of April 5th, which the week after that, we’re going to have an in-studio choreography challenge. And, we will be announcing all of the details about that very soon. So, just keep get… start getting your wheels churning about what steps or what combinations you can choreograph. Yeah? Should be fun.

Then, of course, May 7th; again, first Friday open studio.

And, our two big events in May (which I’ve already talked about) are: Competition, Nationals in Salt Lake City, May 14th and 15th; and then our all studio recital, the last Saturday in May, May 29th.

So, don’t forget about those. Keep those on your calendars.

And then, the last week in May, the first week in June, that’s the week of May 31st, we’re gonna have a post recital celebration that’s gonna be a little different than what we are used to doing. So, just keep that in mind. I’m kind of excited, because we have some fun plans up our sleeves.

And then, on into June, yeah? In June: of course the first Friday in June, June 4th, is first Friday open studio.

And then, that very next week, yeah, we’re gonna start learning our routine for the Clog Down Showdown, which we will have in July. So, lots of fun coming right up.

Please keep those dates and events on your calendars.

And, I am missing you this week. I, yeah… Somehow, I just don’t know what to do without my weekly dose of joy with you guys. But, I will be able to see you next week in the studio, where we will catch up, hear your stories about spring break and dance, dance, dance.

Until then, I wish you happy dancing.

Episode 32: Week of March 15th, 2021

Audio Transcript

Hi everyone. It’s Ruth.

I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center. It’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of March 15th.

As you can see, it’s wear green week. Yay! Wear whatever green you want to wear to class. As for me, I have this fun green hair, I have a jade green shirt and I even have even a different color of green pants on (that you can’t see); but, it is gonna be fun. So, wear green. Dress up as little or as much green as you feel like. It will be super fun. Okay?

Also, this week, it’s I am proud of me week. We are going to take a little bit of time in class to think about what we are proud of. So, each student will think about something clogging related that you are so super proud of yourself for, and we will send you off into the spring break week with a remembrance of how awesome you are.

So, if you have a chance, think ahead a little bit about something that you are so super proud of for yourself, okay? Think about you and what you’ve done or who you are or anything about you that just really makes you feel so super happy inside and just really proud of yourself for, okay?

So, wear green and if you can start thinking now of what you’re proud of for yourself and we will celebrate each other in classes this week.

For next week, just a quick reminder that we have no classes next week. It’s spring break, so we are going to take that whole spring break off and hopefully you can enjoy the break outside. Hopefully it’s good weather (fingers crossed) and we can all have a fun time outside for spring break.

A quick reminder that starting April 1st, we’re going to change back to our practicer of the month for only the one top practicer, okay? So, starting April 1st, as you log your practice days in TeacheZone, we will at the end of April count up who has the most number of days practiced in April, and at the beginning of May, that one person is going to get a certificate, a little voucher, for one competition entry for free to Portland’s February 2022 competition.

So, start gearing up now. Start getting into the rhythm of logging into the TeacherZone every day that you practice and log in your practice days, all right?

I also want to just remind you, I have… I’ve had a couple of questions here in the studio about our spring kickoff recital and so I just want to remind you that our spring kickoff recital is the last Saturday in May; it’s Saturday, May 29th, it’s Memorial Day weekend. Please keep that on your calendars. Please remember that. And, we will pay attention next year that we’re not doing that on Memorial Day weekend. But, this year, just remember the last Saturday in May. We’ve had that on the calendar for about a year now, so just keep that, keep that on your calendars.

Upcoming on the studio calendar, this week wear green, okay?

Next week, no classes; were off for spring break.

April 2nd, first Friday open studio.

And then, the following week, the week of April 5th, we are gonna do a choreography challenge with a super fun prize giveaway, too. So, stay tuned for all those details. I’m really excited about it.

First Friday in, May; May 7th, first Friday open studio.

And then, also, please keep on your calendars in May, May 14th and 15th (that’s for our competitors), which is Nationals competition in Salt Lake City. April we will be sending around the competition entry sign up, so start thinking about that now, what you want to sign up for competition, all right?

Also, as I mentioned earlier, the last Saturday in May, May 29th, is our spring kickoff recital.

So, that is what’s happening at Silver Creek Clogging.

I am looking forward to seeing everyone in all their green in class this week. Yeah? It’s gonna be fun.

Until then, keep smiling and remember… happy dancing.

Episode 31: Week of March 8th, 2021

Audio Transcript

Hi everyone. It’s Ruth.

I’m here at your Silver Creek Clogging Dance and Movement Center in Silverton, Oregon. It’s the home of Dance Classes that Make Kids HappyTM.

This is What’s Happening at Silver Creek Clogging the week of March 8th.

Wowie! It has been so beautiful, so sunny. I’m loving it. I hope you are, too. It really feels like spring is here. I am loving it.

This month, March, we have a lot going on the rest of March, so we’re going to just start right off with our studio calendar for the month of March.

This week, the week of March 8th, we have regular classes. All classes are in the studio, as scheduled, this week. Yes? See you soon!

Next week, it’s the week of March 15th and we’re in studio again, as scheduled, and we will be wearing green. So, next week in studio is wear green to class. It will be fun! We’re going to celebrate a little bit St. Patrick’s day all week long. And, last year we had everything down to green makeup, so let’s have fun with it. Should be really fun.

The following week, the week of March 22nd, that’s spring break, so no classes that week. We’ll, hopefully, all enjoy some sun and outdoor time. It will be really nice to have a little spring break.

And then, the last week of the month, the week of the 29th, we will be back in the studio as scheduled. Yeah, regular classes.

We will be getting ready… We will have at that point two months to recital and we’ll just be finishing up our routines and it should be really awesome.

Just a quick reminder, TeacherZone: I wanted to just remind you that the TeacherZone app has been updated so that now, parents, you can use your unique parent username and password to logon to the TeacherZone app. And hopefully, you’ve already started to do that. And, if you have any questions about that, if you need help with a username or to reset your password, let us know we can help you. And, lovin’ TeacherZone and hoping you are too.

So, we are going to make some changes to our Practicer of the Month. I know we made some changes last October and so we’ve given those changes about six months and we’re gonna kind of revert back to what we were doing before, with a little variation.

So, this month, March, keep practicing as usual and we will do a drawing at the end of March/beginning of April for our Practicer of the month for March.

However, starting with all practice times the first of April and on, we’re gonna just go back to doing the top Practicer of the Month. So, the one Practicer of the Month, who has the highest number of days practiced in that month, is going to be our Practicer of the Month. If there’s a tie, we will award it to the Practicer who has practiced the most time.

So, if two Practicers of the Month have practiced every day, we have a tie of 30 days and, all things being equal, one person practiced more time than the other, then that person with the most time is going to be our Practicer of the Month. And, what we’re going to do is, we’re going to start awarding to our Practicer of the Month a voucher for one free competition entry to our February 2022 Portland competition, okay? So, practice, practice.

Again, the Practicer with the most number of days practiced in the month will get that voucher. They’re worth money, so get to it, have fun and we will do that for the next little while, leading up to our February 2022 (so, that’s a little under a year), we’ll give out those vouchers.

Have fun, with the new Practicer of the Month, okay? That’s our big news for this week what we have to announce.

Coming up, I just want to remind everybody we are doing first Friday open studio and, as of now, our plan is just to go back to regular old open studio. I think the one thing that’s just a little different is, if you want to come to the open studio we’re just going to need you to RSVP, because we can have a limited number of people in the studio at one time. So, that’s it, that’s the thing. That’s our plan as of now, unless we… you know, COVID dependent. So, just keep that on your radar.

Also, just remember next week, wear green; the week after that, spring break; and then in May we have two very, very, very important dates. One is for our competitors.

So, competitors, we have the weekend of May 14th and 15th; that’s for Nationals in Salt Lake City. Please keep that on your calendar. All of our competitors qualified for Nationals, with their routines or their entries in Boise. So, we’ll go to Nationals at Salt Lake City, May 14th and 15th, so plan for that.

And then, also everyone in the studio, we will have our spring kickoff recital/dress rehearsal, on Saturday May 29th. That’s the last Saturday in May, so please keep that on your calendar, as well.

And, yeah, that’s what we have this week.

Keep smiling, enjoy the sun, and happy dancing!