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Growing confident leaders
through dance

Teaching kids (and kids at heart) the skills to excel on the dance floor and in life

It’s easier than ever for kids to become disconnected and isolated.

That’s why we’ve worked hard to carefully cultivate an active studio community that radiates positivity, joy, and encouragement.

A community that provides students of all ages with the foundation they need to be courageous, and grow in confidence and skill – both on and off the dance floor. 

If you know the value of community and connection, you’re invited to join us at Silver Creek Clogging.

Together, we can accomplish great things.

The community that happens at Silver Creek Clogging is different than most dance communities I've been in. Everyone is so close and so encouraging to each other.
Brooklyn L
SCC Instructor
If your child…
If you…
I have enjoyed clogging so much! I have finally found a dance that is for me.
Gaby R.
Youth Student
You are an amazing teacher and we are floored in how much they have learned in a short period.
Sara A.
SCC Parent
We were super satisfied with the whole experience. We love you as a teacher, our daughter enjoyed her classmates and the experience, and we are happy she is so excited to continue.
Sarah R.
SCC Parent
I love how clogging brings me so much happiness and energy!
Gwen A.
Youth Student

From the moment your child steps on to the dance floor at Silver Creek Clogging you will see their wide eyes begin to sparkle as they experience the joyful energy of clogging.

Jumping, clapping, and making wonderful rhythms will light your child up on the outside and on the inside.

With clogging, the joy will simply fill their soul.

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